About Us

Born 1975 Rupert began his riding career at a very young age on a naughty pony called Pippy.  He progressed gracefully through Pony Cub to win the Area Championships One Day Event on his 6 year old cob cross called Khan.

Khan had come to Ru from the hunting field as a 3 year old and ended his career at Advanced level British Eventing having qualified for the British Championships at Gatcombe.  Khan provided Ru with a huge amount of knowledge experience and empathy as he was a very tricky horse to ride.  He could do a spectacular “Levarde” in the dressage if the pressure got too intense.  So Ru learned very quickly learned how to judge his horses mood and be sympathetic to get the best out of him.

Ru has been very supported and influenced by the highly acclaimed German Dressage trainer Michael Beining over the years.  Michael has helped Ru through a team of horses of all levels and abilities.  In 2000 Michael took Ru to Germany with him to train further and this is where he was given the invaluable opportunity to further developed his seat and hands by riding Grand Prix trained mounts.  He was developing his core stability though his seat and good practice by instilling the German teaching of the “Scales of Training Philosophy”.

In 2001 Ru worked for Lynn Crowden owner and visionary of Woodlander Stud (Woodlander Rockstar, Woodlander Farouche, Woodlander Supertramp too mention just a few) as a work rider.  Again he was given the opportunity to ride fabulous horses that would leave him with a taste for what was possible for his own breeding program back at the farm.

Invaluable literature to Ru which he periodically revisits are “Riding Logic” by W Museler and “That Winning Feeling” by Jane Savoie – well worth reading if you can get your hands on a copy.  By the June of 1995 Rupert had backed his first horse for Mrs A Addam-Williams and has never stopped.  A conservative estimate of over 250 horses have been started, schooled or ridden by Rupert in the last 18 years. The yard is always busy with a capacity of up to 11 horses stabled in work.

We are lucky enough to have two covered turn-out barns which are invaluable to horses having a rest, horses coming back into work or restricted exercise rehab horses.  The state of the art extra wide fenced horse walker is an essential part of the daily routine of the yard as well as a 50x30m fenced arena built by Pegasus Arenas set in spectacular Welsh countryside.  The 60 acre farm supports 25 horses in total.

The rest belong to Ru and his wife Emma who enjoy seeing their home-breds grow on the Welsh hills and have the best start in life to be sold as riding/competition horses to lovely homes and enjoy whatever they are good at.

The philosophy has always been to breed to improve, selecting rideability, temperament and conformation as key elements to choosing the right stallion for each mare.  We start and ride all our own horses. This has proved to benefit all the home-breds who always have confident balanced characters and happy attitudes.  We never end up with biting horses, kicking horses or bad loaders!

And if all that wasn’t enough they run their recently restored 6 bedroom farmhouse as a Bed and Breakfast – check out the TripAdvisor reports!

Even Rupert and Emma’s two young children are horsey and ride their rare breed Dartmoor mare Stormy to school in the morning – what a life….